Josie Maran argon cleansing oil

I love free samples! Who doesn’t? It’s even better when you can select the samples you would like to try ( shoutout to Sephora). I’ve been really into face products like mask, cleansing oils, moisturizers etc. When ordering online from Sephora you get to select 3 free samples. I selected face products hoping I would […]

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits on tan skin

So I see many mixed reviews about Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. I decided to try them for myself and give my honest opinion. I am not by any means a Kylie Jenner fan, but if she has a good product, I will definitely support it. It’s hard to find swatches and reviews on what certain colors […]

Biore Charcoal Cleanser

I was having really bad acne problems that I think came from using a cream contour kit. I used it for a while before my boyfriend asked if it could be the makeup I was using. That’s when I realized I was  breaking out in the exact areas I used it. I had a bunch […]

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

I really love Tarte, especially their mascaras. So I decided, why not try their foundation? I bought Amazonian Clay Full coverage foundation. It is supposed to last for up to 12hrs and has SPF 15. I like the consistency, it’s nice and thick and honestly doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing much foundation. It’s pretty […]

Superhero Mascara

Since mascara is so essential to me, I’m very picky with it and am constantly trying new mascaras looking for the holy grail of mascaras. I like the whole fake eyelashes look without actually having to wear fake eyelashes. I’ve been on the hunt for a mascara that will lengthen, curl and separate my lashes. […]


Walmart Seasonal Beauty Boxes

I often find myself deep in the abyss of the Internet, one night I found myself on Walmart’s ¬†website and happened to stumble across Walmart’s seasonal beauty box. I have no idea how I found it, or even that Walmart offered beauty box subscriptions. Beauty boxes are a great way of sampling different products without […]