About Me

img_4716Hi! I’m “Miss Denise” a curly haired 90s kid from the midwest. I love anything 90s and I love aliens. Makeup obsessed and love shopping.

I started this blog because I am always trying out different beauty products, so I decided to create a blog and give my honest opinion on the products. There are so many products I have purchased that I wish I didn’t waste the money on and others that I am happy I bought. I also always get asked what products I use or where I bought certain things. I hope my blog helps in deciding if you should purchase a product or not. Maybe even introduce you to new products you have never tried or heard of. .

The blog is still a work in progress and I will most likely continue to add different elements to the website. I am open to any suggestions and criticism, feel free to contact me directly at missdeniseblogs1@gmail.com