Kérastase Curl Manifesto

Am I the only one that has such a love-hate relationship with their curls? I absolutely love my curly hair. However, the upkeep of keeping them looking and feeling healthy is SUCH a battle. One that I often lose lol.

I have tried so many curly hair products in search of the holy grail line that is going to leave my hair looking and feeling its’ best!

I have FINALLY found the perfect product! As you know by the title is is the Kérastase Curl Manifesto line!

My hair has been looking and feeling very dry and after just one use, I was in love with this line!

I used the following products:

Bain Hydration Douceur a sulfate-free shampoo and infused with Manuka honey. Left my hair super soft and shiny!

Curl Manifesto Nourishing Mask for Curly Hair So amazing! Really left my hair feels super soft, hydrated and made my hair so easy to comb!

Curl Manifesto Curl Enhancing Leave-In Cream Left my curls looking hydrated and frizz free all day long! Didn’t weight my hair down and really enhanced my curls

Curl Manifesto Nourishing Scalp & Hair Oil for Curly Hair This oil is supposed to help reduce hair breakage but I haven’t really used it long enough to know if that is the case or not. However, it did leave my hair looking so shiny which made my hair just look in perfect condition.

Check out a video of me talking about the products but also check out those curls and that bounce!!


If you have curly hair you NEED these products! @kerastase.official #curly #curlyhair #beautyreview #hair

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My curls living their best life thanks to Kerastase ?