Kisspat Earrings

Alright you guys, this is the first piece of jewelry I have received to review. 

The earrings are from Kisspat and they can be purchased from amazon at the following link for only $7.99 (currently on sale)

You get two pairs of these beautiful Fashion Dangling Filigree Multilayer Leaf Earrings.

One pair of earrings are more of a leaf shape, while the other is more of a design. I personally love the second pair. Here is a pic I took to show you what they look like:

These would look great with a nice updo or a pony tail. 

They look very elegant, they are lightweight. Usually, dangling earrings are too heavy and become uncomfortable and pull on your ear. Since these are so lightweight they were very comfortable and I honestly forgot I even had them on.

Make sure to check them out if you are in the market for nice, affordable earrings

Miss Denise ?