BlackMagic Toothpaste 

I received a tube of spearmint activated charcoal toothpaste to review courtesy of Blsck Magic. You can buy it and try it for yourself here:


At first I was a bit scared to try it out. I read the ingredients and most of the ingredients seemed pretty natural and safe. The only thing that scared me was the citric acid. After doing my research I found that many other name brand toothpaste contained citric acid as well. This made me feel a bit more at ease. 
I just went for it. It was definitely weird brushing with black toothpaste and seeing my mouth look like I was brushing with dirt lol. I took some before and after pictures but was hard to get the same lighting. I was expecting to see a huge difference within one use but I didn’t really get what I was expecting. I didn’t see much of a difference. I’m sure with continued use you will see an improvement. 
Not seeing an improvement wasn’t the only issue I had with the toothpaste. Well it wasn’t necessarily an issue. It was more so that the toothpaste didn’t really meet my expectations. The toothpaste smelled so much like spearmint that I was expecting a burst of spearmint flavor in my mouth but surprisingly it tasted more like baking soda. That was probably my biggest issue, I like that tingly feeling makes me mouth feel fresh and clean. I have to admit I had to brush my teeth with my regular toothpaste just to get that effect. However, I will continue to give this a try, since it is natural and they say it is safe for everyday use. Plus I have been wanting to try a charcoal toothpaste 
The ingredients actually seemed pretty good. Here is the list of ingredients:
Water, Xylitol, Activated Charcoal, Organic Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Baking Soda, SuperMint Flavor (Organic Wintergreen Essential Oil, Organic Spearmint Essential Oil), Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum