Beauty blender

So I get things in exchange for reviews (honest reviews of course) most of the time they suck or I am afraid to use them due to ingredients etc. Well I received a #beautyblender kit. 

This kit is so cute! For the price, you are getting a great deal. The kit comes with 3 beauty blenders, a super cute beauty blender holder in the shape of an egg. 2 silicone sponges and a case for the silicone sponge as well as a storage case for everything. You can get all of this for ONLY $7.99

The beauty blender is a bit hard but it gets the job done just as well as any other beauty blender out there. It’s worth the money and I can’t get over how cute the little holder is. Would look super cute on your vanity table. 

The silicone sponge is great for applying concealer and foundation. Give your makeup a really nice flawless look. Most silicone sponges costs an average of $4 and you get 2 in this kit! Definitely worth looking in to 

Make sure to check out the video down below:

-Miss Denise ?