Matte Finish Burgundy Nails

I used to be very creative with my nails. I had more time when I was younger to create awesome designs. As of lately, I rarely get time to work on creating new designs so i tend to go with plain yet, eye catching nails. For a while now my wardrobe has consisted of olive, burgundy, browns and nude colors. I find that burgundy nails go nicely with almost all of those colors. I also love matte finishes for just about everything. It’s hard to find a matte finish burgundy nail polish so decided to “make” my own.

Ok so I didn’t really make the nail polish. Really, all I did was buy a matte finishing coat nail polish. You can literally use ANY  color with this top coat and get a nice matte finish.

I’m sure just about all nail polish brands out there have a matte finish nail polish. OPI, Revlon, Sally Henson, even wet n wild makes matte finish top coats. So you can literally find one that fits your budget.

I used one I randomly came across at Walmart for less than $2. Pure ice, it worked pretty well for the most part but had to re-apply the topcoat about every 3 days or so due to oils, lotions and such.

Just use it over your favorite nail polish and BAM…pretty matte finish nails! 💅

Let me know what you think of this look or what your favorite nail trend currently is! Leave a comment below!