$25 Marshalls Makeup Haul

Hey all! 🙋🏽

I recently went to Marshalls, I usually go to T.J. Maxx but they are owned by the same company so they tend to have a lot of the same products. I went there to look for some running shoes and I just couldn’t resist heading to the makeup section. I ended up buying about $25 worth of makeup…I know you’re like “$25? What did you really get for $25?” Well they have decent makeup for $25 I ended up buying 2 lip stains, 1 liquid lipstick, primer, concealer and makeup remover wipes. Not bad for $25 right? Check out my YouTube video to see what brands I bought and to check out some swatches. Make sure to read the description so you can skip to whichever part you would like to view so you don’t have to listen to me ramble on. Also make sure to jump to the guest appearance section, I promise you won’t regret it ☺️

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~💋 Miss Denise