Josie Maran argon cleansing oil

I love free samples! Who doesn’t? It’s even better when you can select the samples you would like to try ( shoutout to Sephora).

I’ve been really into face products like mask, cleansing oils, moisturizers etc.

When ordering online from Sephora you get to select 3 free samples. I selected face products hoping I would find a product I really like. The first product I tried from the samples was the Josie Maran Argan Oil face cleanser. It’s supposed to be all natural, removes makeup and hydrates skin.

You put the oil on dry skin and work it in to a lather with warm water. It’s supposed to get “milky” when lathering and is self-heating which is nice since it opens your pores. After I washed it off, my skin really did feel hydrated and it looked quite rejuvenated. The smell of it kind of reminds me of like lemon pledge lol or some kind of citrusy furniture polish. Either way I really liked it. I used it at night and the next morning i feel my face had a nice radiance to it.

I am considering purchasing the full size product from Sephora. It costs about $32 for a 6oz bottle. Definitely recommend this product.

Purchase it here.