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I recently re-subscribed to Ipsy. I had Ipsy before and cancelled because I was trying to cut back on my monthly expenses. It all adds up $10 here, $10 there, by the end of the month you have a bill of like $50 to subscriptions šŸ™„. Ā I felt like I didn’t really need it. After a few months I realized, I needed Ipsy in my life again. Something about getting to try all these different products for only $10 a month, Ā so I subscribed again and made a few changes to my profile. When I received my December glam bag, I was VERY happy with what I received. Make sure you update your profile according to what you like, don’t be afraid to be honest. It really helps get the products you would like. Making changes to my profile and products I like and prefer was the best decision ever! My December glam bag literally contained everything I needed. I was out of eyeliner, mascara and was looking for a good face serum/oil. Lo and behold my glam bag had a FULL SIZE eyeliner by Aurora, a mascara Mad Lash by TheBalm, Tarte Maracuja oil (which I’ve been wanting to try), REN renewal mask and Biogeo frizz control gel for curly hair.

Ipsy seriously did a great job selecting products for me. They were spot on, literally everything I was planning on buying. Can’t wait to see what will be in January’s glam bag.

What I like about Ipsy are the cute little bags that come with it each month. By the way, December’s bag was soooo pretty!

Check out the products I received for December 2016 & check back for my January 2017 glam bag šŸ’„. I have reviews for each product received, so check those out too!

Have you tried Ipsy? Is there another beauty box Ā subscriptions you would recommend? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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