Heatless Curls without Rollers

As much as I love my natural curls, I love changing up my look by straightening my hair from time to time. Although it looks pretty, straightening does so much damage with the use of hot tools. What’s funny is I straighten my hair and then curl it, so I am doing double damage using a straightening iron and then a curling iron. I decided to try heatless curls to reduce the damage done to my hair. I tried it overnight with amazing results!

What I used:

A brush

Bobby Pins

Moroccan Hair Oil

First you want to section your hair and then brush out all tangles.

Use a small amount of hair oil on slightest damp hair (you don’t want to use a lot otherwise your hair will look greasy…NOT CUTE!)

Smooth your hair out by running your hands all the way down to the ends and use your index and middle finger to roll your hair up towards the top of your head. Tuck your ends under your fingers and keep rolling. Try to keep a grip on the ends and hold them in place as you roll your hair up so they don’t slip out. I know it sounds a bit confusing but I promise it is easy. Once you have rolled your hair all the way to your head, use bobby pins to secure it in place, repeat until you have rolled and pinned all of your hair. Use a silk head wrap when going to bed to avoid frizz. When you wake up remove all pins, separate curls with your fingers and add a bit of oil to tame any frizz.

Check out the quick video to see how I did it.