My First Boxy Charm!

Hey everyone! So I finally did it! After months and months, maybe even a year of contemplating on subscribing to Boxy Charm I finally pulled the trigger…and let me tell you, I regret NOTHING! My very first box was amazing. I received 5 full products: Eyeshadow Palette 3 Makeup Brushes Liquid Lipstick Reusable Eyelashes Pencil […]

Kisspat Earrings

Alright you guys, this is the first piece of jewelry I have received to review.  The earrings are from Kisspat and they can be purchased from amazon at the following link for only $7.99 (currently on sale) You get two pairs of these beautiful Fashion Dangling Filigree Multilayer Leaf Earrings. One pair of earrings […]

Beauty blender

So I get things in exchange for reviews (honest reviews of course) most of the time they suck or I am afraid to use them due to ingredients etc. Well I received a #beautyblender kit.  This kit is so cute! For the price, you are getting a great deal. The kit comes with 3 beauty […]

Marble Makeup Brushes

I received these brushes free for testing purposes.  I think these are very pretty and would make a feat addition for any collection. The marble pattern gives the brushes a very sophisticated and classy look. The brushes come in a marble pattern and gold color detailing.  The set comes with 10 pieces. Comes with brushes […]

HSI Professionals Hair Straightener

I usually don’t expect much when I get free stuff. I’m usually just thankful to get the product. This time, my expectations were exceeded when I tried out this hair straightener. I have tried many flat irons and with my hair being curly, thick and long it’s hard to find a flat iron that really […]

Earthen Instant Peel

I received this free to review. However, this is my honest review. Instant peel is an at home face peel and retails for about $50 for 6 packets. Each packet is good for one use. It is a natural solution and the consistency is very water like. Which, in my opinion makes it harder to […]

Joyal beauty Age Defy serum

I got this for free to review from Joyal Beauty. I used it a few times but I was a bit scared to keep using it only because Of the whitening aspect of the serum. I don’t want to whiten my skin lol. I know it won’t Happen overnight but it still scares me lol. […]

Bone Thugs N Harmony Hat

Hey everyone! So I just wanted to show you all this awesome hat I received for free from! If you grew up or were around in the 90s, chances are you know who Bone Thugs N Harmony are. I was a little girl then and still knew of them and listened to their music […]